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Did the Lord speak directly to you?

Whose voice did you hear?

About a year ago whilst I was alone in a closed room, I heard an audible voice say to ‘Your time is short.’ (Just for the record it would very rare for me to hear directly from the Lord nor have I suffered from any type of hallucinations at any time in my life).

I was a bit shocked, I asked myself if this was the voice of the Lord telling me to get me house in order as my time earth might not be long.

Or could it have been a message to frighten me from the enemy’s team?

I prayed and asked the Lord to show me if the message was from him and a few months passed with no obvious answer coming.

However, the Lord did give me the answer as you might expect from the bible.

I felt an impression in the usual way asking me ‘How did this voice announce itself’?

Everywhere in the bible where the Lord himself or his holy angels make an appearance to an individual or a group of believers, the first thing they say ‘Fear not or Peace unto you or something similar’.

The reason for this because the Lord knows our frame and that it can be very frightening for a human to encounter a supernatural being such the Lord himself or his holy angels.

It has been asserted that the KJV bible records the expression ‘Fear not and similar expressions’ 365 times. That is very useful if correct, a ‘fear not’ for every day of the year!

So I had my answer, this voice did not tell me to' fear not' or 'receive peace' and so the voice was not from the Lord nor his angel!

So the Lord clearly answered my request. Amen

Fear not, fear nought but God.

PS Would you recognise the Lord if He spoke directly to you?

What do you think?

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