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How to walk in the Spirit-2

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Approaches in how to walk in the Spirit

Part 2

In this study we consider various aspects (looking at it from different angles) of walking in the spirit, so that we can develop an overview of how we ought to go about it.

In this part we are going to consider 2 of 3 approaches of looking at how to walk in the Spirit (Notes: The word 'Spirit' in Galatians 5:16 =the Holy Spirit not our human spirit.

The Greek grammar allows us to say walk ‘by’ the Spirit as well as walk 'in' the Spirit)

The three approaches that we will consider in teaching us how to walk in the Spirit are

a) Awareness of the Spirit

b) Practicing the presence of God

c) Being in two places at once (see Part 3)

a) Awareness of the Spirit (first angle)

Walking in the Spirit simply means living each day of your life and being continually aware that you are in the presence of the Holy Spirit. We know that the Holy Spirit indwells each believer from the new birth. A useful way to look at this is to use Jesus’ model of the Vine and the Branches from John 15 where Jesus tells us to abide in the Vine. When we are abiding (living) in the Vine, the love of Christ is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit (Romans 5:5).

In other words the Holy Spirit is likened to the sap that brings life to the vine. If we are aware that we are abiding in the Vine, then we are also conscious of the fact that we are walking in the Spirit. We can only produce the fruit of the Spirit when we are abiding in the Vine, or you could say when we are walking in the Spirit.

So walking in the spirit is having a continual God-consciousness.

It is having Christ in first place in all your passions/ affections.

It is pursuing God whole-heartedly, as commanded.

It is to have no other idols before Him and no other gods before Him, but to serve God alone with all your heart. Amen

It is important when we walk in the Spirit or abide in the Vine, we ought to continue to practice the basic Christian disciplines in our lives. We should be regularly practicing Bible study and meditation, several types of prayer, fellowshipping with believers, going to the church meetings, witnessing, and serving other people etc. These disciplines help keep us in the right mindset to help us walk in the Spirit or walk by Spirit.

The late great American pastor and famous author A W Tozer said this (photo):

Beloved, we either will walk in the Spirit or be walking in the flesh. These two are mutually exclusive.

You get to choose! Take a moment.

Choose life!

Angle ii) Practicing the presence of God (modern language-drawing near to God)

I once read a small book called ‘The practice of the presence of God’ written three hundred years ago by a monk called Brother Lawrence [1].

In this book it is described how Brother Lawrence was able to cultivate a continual awareness of the Lord being present in his life thus bringing immense joy.

But you might say that is fine for him being a full-time monk with nothing else to do; no work to go to, no ironing or chores. But in fact, he was the cook for the monastery, and he believed it was easier to be aware of God’s presence when doing his kitchen chores than at any other time! [2][3]

Summary If like Bro. Lawrence you want to live constantly in the presence of God which brings fullness of joy (Psalm 16:11) then practice these three things.

1. Commit every task to Him (invite Him in). How about inviting the Lord to go for a walk with you?

2. Thank him for his supply and provision. True thanksgiving is not an event but a lifestyle and mindset.

3. Perform each task because you love Him and do it in a way that brings honour God.

Brother Lawrence would pick up a flower out of love for the Lord and present it to him. Is there a gesture of love you want to make to the Lord today or later?

[1] Bro Lawrence was a Carmelite layperson (1614-1691)

[2] Prayer "Lord of all pots and pans and things... Make me a saint by getting meals and washing up the plates" [3] Quotation “Our only business is to love and delight ourselves in God.”


Personal Prayer

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