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Daily Victory Part 2

Victory in our daily lives Part 2

Philippians 4:6

Last time we considered the insidious sin of worry. We saw that worry is a Pandora’s Box of woes and trouble that we should never even consider opening. Worry pulls us in different directions and strangles or chokes the word of God in our lives and so prevents the fruit from growing in our lives. The Lord never intended for his children to shoulder that burden.

We saw from our key text that God has given us his perfect antidote or solution to all our legitimate concerns in life. In every situation we take it to the Lord in prayer.

Prayer, at one level, is simply talking to God but with the connotation of worship, devotion, and adoration etc. As each concern arises, we need to go before the Father God, in Jesus name. We should prepare ourselves to come before God.


If you had a meeting with a Monarch, President or Teasoich, you would probably dress correctly, you would probably address him/her in a way befitting his/her high rank, and you would be earnest and concise in making your points. You would also hope that he/she would give you some sort of response.

Likewise, with our Abba Father, we should set time aside and enter his presence by faith, purposing in our hearts to connect with the Lord and complete the transaction. We must take time to consider the greatness and holiness of God, which begins to put us in the right frame of heart and mind, so we should not rush in and out.

Petition/supplication means an earnest sharing of our concerns with our Abba Father, sometimes this may involve strong emotion or even tears.

Nor do we just come empty handed or empty hearted in the Lord’s presence like spoiled children, we ought to come filled with thanksgiving. By the time we have given due thanks to the Lord for all that he done, all that he is doing and all that he is going to do, faith will rise up in your heart as you begin to realize that he has never failed you!

Lord God you gave me a new life, a new family, a new outlook, a new love, now will you give me a new job? Lord, you have fed and clothed me every day of my life, you have always come through for me even at the last minute, and will you come through for me in this matter?

It is you and I who need reminding about God’s track record, not God he remembers!

Why does Satan want us to be thoroughly ungrateful?

Because it keeps our eyes on ourselves and our problems and off God. He knows that as we begin to thank the Lord, our faith will rise; we will hand the situation over to God and begin to receive the peace of God. Satan’s plan for worry, doubt and fear is thwarted once again! We need to wake up and smell the coffee!

There is something lovely about genuine appreciation or gratitude in any situation. Adults love a grateful child who says thank you because we see that it produces good in the child’s life. If thankfulness is so fitting in our children, how much more so should we his children acknowledge him in all our ways and thank him continuously. Not everyone is grateful to God even when he heals them. A straw poll in Judea once showed only one in ten of healed lepers returned to thank God! How about you?

Thanksgiving as a lifestyle (or discipline)

Although thanksgiving is a vital part of this type prayer and supplication, it is by no means limited to it. Each day and each part of the day affords us countless opportunities to express thanks to God. We need to cultivate an attitude of gratitude in our hearts which will produce a daily lifestyle overflowing with thanksgiving to God.

Daily program

His mercies are new every morning and we can start our day by committing it to the Lord.

Mealtimes (×3)

Jesus always gave thanks to Father God at every meal and we should follow his example albeit publicly or privately.

1 Timothy 4:4-5

In church

On entering his presence Psalm 100

At communion Luke 22:17-19

The offering time in the church is also an excellent opportunity to thank God as provider and to acknowledge him as our source. He has provided all that we need and as we thank him it helps us to realize this.


Ephesians 5:20

The bible encourages us to give thanks for all things through our Lord Jesus Christ. It is through Him that every blessing comes. We can give thanks for our life, health, strength, healing, deliverance, our families, spouses, friends, church, leaders, children’s and youth workers, praise team, stewards etc., food, clothing, and shelter. Freedom to worship, living in a democratic country. Nature, birds, flowers, animals, sight, sound and colour. Sun, moon and stars, cosmos. The Gospel, and God sending his only son.

As we saw earlier in difficulty and times of trouble, we can thank God for His answer that will come and for the grace and peace to come through the situation.

Thanksgiving is a good point to start your petition because as we do it, we realize how good he is, and this stimulates our faith in Him to receive our petition.

At the end of the day, we can give thanks for that day’s blessings and that we can hand over any concerns over to him and receive that peace which passes understanding.

Such a lifestyle of thanksgiving will produce good fruit in your life and help to maintain proper fellowship with your heavenly Father. Cultivate that attitude of gratitude!


Lord, fill us with your Holy Spirit and let thanksgiving flow from our hearts to you. Lord, we repent of our thanklessness at times and ask for your grace to develop a lifestyle of continuous thanksgiving. We believe that this is your will for us and receive it now by faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.


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