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Comfort the afflicted Part 5

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Uplift someone today

In Part 4 we considered why is it necessary for afflictions to come into the believer’s life.

Today in the 5th and final part we are purposing to uplift people.

Definition: to uplift: lift (something) up; or to boost, raise, buoy up, elevate, inspire, cheer up, perk up, brighten up, gladden, encourage, revive, or restore etc. etc.

To uplift someone is a way of encouraging them (be like Barnabas).

Can you recall any times in your life you felt uplifted? Perhaps it was when you were going through a rough patch? Someone showed you enough kindness and thoughtfulness to make you feel a bit better.

Sometimes a story of kindness can be uplifting, so can the sharing of a relevant scripture or perhaps being reminded of God’s promises. Think of the Good Samaritan, he went well out of his way to take care of someone from a rival tribe, he was willing to get his hands dirty, he gave his time, materials and even money to take care of a wounded stranger. What about you…and me?

In the workplace, everyone can use a little encouragement on a regular basis. Very often it does not take much more than a kind word of concern or a simple statement of appreciation to boost our feeling of accomplishment to exuberant levels.

Research has found that people are much happier on the job if they feel appreciated for their work. This factor is more important in day-to-day job satisfaction than the amount of one's salary. On the other hand, a well-deserved raise in pay is like your boss saying, "I appreciate your work!"

We can develop an idea of purposing to uplift people such as when we visit the sick at home or in the hospital, the elderly, the disabled, those down on their opportunities, and those in prison etc.

Basically, anyone who is going through a difficult time would likely appreciate you uplifting them in some way.

When we recognise a possible opportunity to uplift someone, we should pray saying something like ‘Lord when I visit ‘Joe’ today I pray you will give me words of life for him, words that will uplift him in his present situation and that these words will remind him that the season of suffering will soon be over, and Your plan will be fulfilled in his life.

If you cannot visit in person then phone the individual that is on your mind (or is it heart)?

To uplift someone, is to encourage them to keep going, and at its best restores hope and renews faith, so contact, or call someone today.

Closing Prayer


Can you recall any times in your life you felt uplifted? Perhaps it was when you were going a rough patch? Someone showed you enough kindness and though

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