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End Times; a few initial thoughts

by Guest blogger Ian Atkin

Traditionally and in times past, primarily a ‘Holy Day’ – holiday – Christmas acknowledged true belief in the historical birth of Jesus of Nazareth, who at birth was recognised by many as ‘The Christ’ – The Messiah.

In modern times it is evident that true belief in the historical reality of the life, ministry and death of Jesus of Nazareth takes second place to the celebration of the mythological figure Santa Claus.

The Christian message is largely lost in this generation; the population in the UK, in the main, has rejected our Christian heritage, the foundations on which our society and structures were built on.

Significantly, the foundations and structures of our society were hard fought for, in for example, the dark ages of medievalism, the Reformation, the first and second world wars.

The Christian message fundamentally is that of the need for humanity ‘to be saved’ and that it is Jesus Christ who provides the means by which we can ‘be saved.’

However, in modernity people generally do not believe in God, His judgement, nor in the possibility of eternal hell after death.

However, Christian believers know that this is indeed what they have been saved from.

Salvation is an offer from God to every human being that lives – but He requires a response!

It is for those ‘who have ears to hear and eyes to see’ their own need, and, to see spiritually that it is Jesus Christ who will meet that need – there is no other way to ‘be saved.’

The Christian message has also always been about ‘the return of Christ’ – that Jesus is ‘coming back again.’

When He lived, His disciples pushed Jesus for a description of the ‘signs of the times’ that would indicate His return was getting nearer (a time future to them). The response of Jesus is found in Mathew Chapter 24 and Luke Chapter 21.

What Jesus described is evident in the days we are living in today.

Importantly, there are two events occurring in this generation that has not happened in past generations – these events mean that we are now living in the times that Jesus and His disciples referred to as ‘the signs of the times of the end of the age preceding His return.’

These two related events are:

1. The establishment, in 1948, of the Independent State of Israel, the Jewish homeland, ‘The Promised Land’.


2 The return of the Jewish people (Aliyah), from around the world, to Israel.

These are the events which distinguish this generation and these times from previous ones; therefore, we live in the times described in The Bible as ‘the end of the age,’ the times in which current events indicate and precede the return of Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

We live in troubled times.

The Covid-19 Sars 2 virus pandemic is surely a warning sign to the entire world.

Christ will return. The ‘saved’ will be His. The ‘unsaved’ will not be.

When Jesus was alive, He was frequently asked by people “what must I do to be saved?”

His consistent reply was “repent” meaning ‘change your mind (about what you believe about me),’ “believe” i.e. ‘in me as Lord and Saviour,’ and “be baptised.”

The Scriptures say, “All who call on the name of The Lord will be saved;” The Lord’s Name is Jesus Christ – this is the name we must call on.

Also, “confess with your lips He is Lord and believe in your heart God raised Him from death to life” – so., make this confession and adopt this belief – it is not too difficult!

As we move from Christmas time towards Easter it is interesting to think about whether our beliefs and celebrations relate to the birth, death and resurrection of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, or are they about belief and celebration in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

We can celebrate ‘both/and,’ it does not have to be ‘either/or.’

We can all enjoy the best of both worlds by receiving God’s gifts of salvation and eternal life as well as receiving Christmas presents and Easter eggs.

Normal is not returning!

The Jewish people (the ‘Chosen People’) are returning! (to ‘the Promised Land’).

Jesus Christ is returning! to end this age and establish His Kingdom here on earth, in which “all things will be made as new.”

Say ‘yes’ to God’s offer of salvation – get saved – be saved. The alternative does not bare thinking about!


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