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Lessons from Galatians Part 7

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Summary of key learning points from Galatians Chapters 1-6

Key learning points

1. There is one true Gospel, that we are justified by faith alone without the works of the law.

2. The one true gospel is to believe in Jesus full stop, not believe in Jesus and … anything else!

3. It is crucial we know and understand the basis of the gospel, so that no one can take away our wonderful liberty that Christ has purchased by his blood for us.

4. Paul concludes that if we can be saved by simply by obeying the Law then Jesus Christ died for nothing.

5. It was always God’s position that man could only be justified by faith and that God accounted Abraham a righteous man who acted in faith.

The law gives way to expose sin and sinfulness and was our schoolmaster to teach the ABC of salvation, which is that we are unable to keep the law and can only be saved through faith in the promised seed of Jesus Christ. Through him, we have become sons of God and can inherit all the great and precious promises of God.

He is our God; we are His people. He dwells in us and with us. We shall be with him forever.

6. In the fulness of time, Jesus Christ the son of God was born subject to the Law.

He came to redeem humankind from the penalty of the Law, so that we could be freed from

sin and be able to enter the family of God as mature sons.

When you heard and believed the Gospel, God poured out his Holy Spirit into your heart,

and he cries ‘Abba Father', Daddy God and causes us to know that we are saved, and not

only saved, but that we have become sons of the living God.

When the Spirit within us cries Abba Father, we can know for certain that the Father hears

Him and through him us.

Since we are now sons of God, we can no longer be slaves, but are now heirs of all the exceeding great and precious promises of God.

We are children of the free woman not the bond woman and must never permit ourselves

to be enslaved by the Law or anything else again (denominational laws etc. by trying to earn

our salvation).

Christ has set us wonderfully free from an intricate system of rules (the Law) that always left us defeated.

The new and living way Jesus has given to us is that his Holy Spirit lives in us and guides us

together with the Word of God into all good things

The Holy Spirit pours out his love into our hearts and through us which provides the power and ability in our lives to become like Christ, bit by bit. This is all by faith and the faith itself comes when we recognise God’s love in us and flowing though us to fellow man.

With this mind let us help to restore each other, bearing in mind to be careful, since we do not want to fall into the same sin.

Sow to the spirit not the flesh if you want an eternal reward.

Finally, 'to be circumcised or not' is not the question, the true question is’ are you born again through believing in Jesus Christ’?


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