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Made in the image of God Part 4

Why is the image of God so important?

Thus far in our study of the meaning of 'made in the image of God' we have clearly seen that the bible teaches that this image mainly pertains to God's character of righteousness and holiness. Jesus Christ carried the image of God perfectly. When a believer is born again somehow the image of God is restored. A major goal of the Christian life is to bear a true of image of God our creator.

We have covered in part the image of God in the vertical dimension but how should the image of God be applied to our fellow human beings?

Here are some questions pertaining to the value of human life.

¨Why should we love our fellow humans?

¨What is the value of a human life?

¨What is a human life worth?

¨Is human life precious?

Men and God view these questions from two different perspectives.

What price do you place on a Human Life? In many men eyes a life is something cheap or common.

A mere convenience or inconvenience to their selfish desires and such an outlook has led to terrible acts and consequences.

Answer for yourself what do the following say about the value of human life.

Genocide: one example of the Jews by the Nazis Abortion (babies in womb)


Starvation in Third World (wars, corrupt, politics)

Homeless in our towns

Neglect of the elderly.

Yet all these things, in a sense we allow, for they are going on in the world. Yes, people who practices or allow such things must see the human lives involved as cheap and common of truly little value.

God sees each and every human life as precious.

We ought to love our fellow humans because;

a] God loves them so much that he gave his most precious Son to the cross.

He has commanded it; he wants a community of love.

b] Each man, woman, child in some way reflects God being made in his Image and likeness.

Each individual person has God`s stamp on them.

c} God so loves humankind that he completely identifies with Him in their suffering and judges us according to how we helped and failed our fellow man in their distress.


b] The majority of Christians agree that the ‘image’ confers significant importance onto humankind since the ‘image’ was not conferred on any angelic beings or any type of animal.

The importance of the image of God is that it causes every single human being no matter how degraded or fallen, to still bear in some way the image of God the Creator.

This inspires many believers including me to want to help the poor.

Whilst we are not necessarily important of ourselves the image of God shows us, that we are important to God by bearing a ‘family’ resemblance. The depth of God’s love and care was shown in the crucifixion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This confers importance on us.

How should we react to his precious creations?


John 13:34 A new commandment I give to you that you love one another as I have loved you.

Go and do thou likewise. Amen

Prayer: Lord teach us to see of fellow human beings in the way you see them, as valuable and precious souls made in your image.


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