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Taking every thought captive

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Says who? You need to test the thoughts coming into your mind?

Read 2 Kings 6:16-17

Do you think that politicians and local government are influenced by public opinion? Of course, they are, if not they would soon be voted out-of-office. But who influences public opinion and where do the ideas come from?

Public opinion says it is ok to gamble, to live together before marriage.

Public opinion says it is ok to practice same sex relationships.

Public opinion largely supports abortion.

Public opinion no longer supports the family.

Public opinion has growing support for euthanasia.

Who is the script writer for public opinion?

If most people in your country are unbelievers, and if they are, then their opinions and beliefs will be influenced by the world, the flesh, and the devil.

The word of God is alien and incomprehensible to them. We as believers in Jesus Christ the Living Word of God, must not be deceived by the opinions and ideas of the world.

The aim of this message today, is to warn the church, to continue to question popular beliefs and public opinion to find out where their source lies. Going beyond this, we need to begin to pull down mental barriers and strongholds in our minds, so that our thinking begins to conform to the truth, the truth of God`s word.

Romans 12:2

Do not be conformed to world`s standards.

Do not be conformed to world`s ideas.

Do not be conformed to world`s morals.

Do not be conformed to world`s thinking.

Do not let the world squeeze you in its mold.

Be transformed into the image of Christ.

Be transformed from glory to glory.

Be transformed into the full stature and maturity of Jesus Christ.

Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Renew your mind by reading God`s word.

Renew your mind by meditating in the scriptures.

Renew your mind by listening to voice of Holy Spirit.

Renew your mind by reading and obeying God`s word.

Then, then, then.

You will know and prove what is good.

You will know the truth and it shall set you free.

You will know where every idea, whether public opinion, or the private opinion of yourself and others, whether it comes of God or not.

All our lives before we were saved, when we were children, the world, the flesh, the devil sowed wrong ideas and thoughts into us, which grew up in us and became wrong beliefs that are contrary to God`s word and God`s will for our lives.

Is this part of your life story or testimony?

Do not tell your kids that “they will never amount to anything” for this is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

God wants to break down such mental barriers (stronghold: castles in our minds). He wants to make the ‘unthinkable’ to become ‘thinkable’.

I`d could never do… God can enable you

I`ll never be able to give up …Says who?

Not God, the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Not God, the Son.

Not God, the Holy Spirit.

We need to ask; says who? and only accept God’s words and thoughts!

We have the mind of Christ, the Creator’s mind. We should hear the voice of Spirit.

2 Corinthians 10:3-5; God has given us mighty weapons, given us power in the name of Jesus Christ. Given us power to bind and to loose, power to tread on the enemy! Use it!

2 Corinthians 4:2-4; Blinded minds cannot see truth, blinded by the preconceptions and ungodly ideas.

Strongholds: My husband/wife and I will never be able to get on... Says who?

I`ll never be a leader… Says who?

I`ll never have a ministry…Says who?

I`ll never speak in church… Says who?

I`ll never be able to pray like so and so…Says who?

I`ll never become a mature believe... Says who?

I`ll never be able to quit drinking and smoking etc. … Says who?

The devil does not need to limit your opportunities. If he has limited your mind with mental barriers to stop you progressing in God, then here is what you need to do…

2 Corinthians 10:3-5; Every thought or idea that pops into our minds, do not be pushed over! Check it against God`s word. If it passes, act on it. If it fails, use the word of God as the sword of the Spirit on it to demolish it. If you are tempted to steal use the sword of the spirit on the temptation… It is written thou shalt not steal. Jesus did this three times when tempted by Satan in the wilderness (Matthew 4:1-11).

Strongholds- are mental prisons, or chains that bind us to wrong behaviour/thoughts.

My husband/wife/dad/mother will never get saved… Says who?

If you believe this, you`ll stop praying and witnessing, and your church will not grow... Says who?

Do not let your thoughts allow poison seeds to be planted from the enemy of your soul.

Ephesians 6:12;Put on the whole armour of God including the helmet of your salvation. The armour is a daily lifestyle lived in the revelation of your identity in Christ.

We take every thought captive and only release the good seeds (thoughts) into our minds after first testing them. This will bring you brother and sister into maturity as a believer.


We need to keep strict control over our thought lives. Not just new ideas and thoughts that pop into our minds but also established habits thought life and test them versus God`s word. Do not let the devil sow poisonous seeds and weeds in your mind. They are tomorrow`s strongholds, cast them out now.


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