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Filled with the Holy Spirit

Updated: May 18, 2023

Luke chapter 1: A case study

Luke was a Gentile physician, a companion of the Apostle Paul. Luke also wrote the book of Acts. His books give insight into the ministry of Holy Spirit.

Luke Chapters 1 and 2 are popular texts at Advent. Today we look at Chapter 1 to see the events preceding the birth of the Messiah but with special emphasis on the work of the Holy Spirit. We ask you to consider what are the described effects on men, women, and babies of being filled with the Holy Spirit?

Chapter 1

Verse 1-4; Here is the exact truth of the Gospel as carefully investigated by the Apostle Luke.

Verse 5-25; The baby carried by Elizabeth was prophesied by the angel Gabriel to have a mighty ministry of reconciliation, preparing the way of the Lord. V15 John will be filled with the spirit in his mother’s womb.

Verse 26-38; Mary gives her consent

Verse 39; Elizabeth welcomes her relative Mary into her house.

Verse 40; The fulfilment of verse 15, the baby leaped in her womb as Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit

Verse 42; Elizabeth cried in a loud voice recognized Mary’s calling and announces the great favour of God on Mary.

Verse 43; Elizabeth recognized her own honoured position that Mary the mother of Jesus should come to her.

Verse 45; Elizabeth recognized Mary’s belief in what God had told her.

Verse 46; Mary exalts God, her soul proclaiming his glory.

Verse 47; Mary’s spirit greatly rejoiced in God her saviour.

Verse 48; Mary recognizes God’s high favour upon her, and prophetically recognizes all generations will called her blessed.

Verse 49; Recognized of God’s great plan and purposes.

Verse 50; Mary under the influence of the Holy Spirit quotes from the books of the Psalms and Job

Verse 54-55; Mary remembers the covenant, by which God continues to show mercy to Israel.

Verse 67; Zechariah filled with the Holy Spirit now prophesies.

Verse 68; Zechariah recognized God’s plans concerning the redemption of his people.

Verse 69; Zechariah continues to prophesy concerning Messiah and quotes Psalm 18:2.

Verse 72-3; Zechariah declares that the Lord remembers his covenant with Abraham.

Verse 76-79; Zechariah now prophesies that his son John will be called a prophet of the Most High, then goes onto prophesy outlining about the Messiah’s ministry.

Verse 78; Zechariah now quotes Malachi 4:2

Verse 79; Zechariah now quotes Isaiah 59:8

These scriptures and many more showing the many and varies effects of being filled with Spirit.

1 Corinthians 12:4-11

Gives several examples of what can happen when we are filled with the Holy Spirit. The connotation here is that these examples, are not all inclusive or separate. So here is a recap from Luke Chapter 1.

1. Spoke in loud voice

2. Exalted God

3. Recognizing God’s plan

4. Recognizing God’s calling on lives

5. Recognizing the honour involved

6. Recognizing others obedience

7. Great rejoicing

8. Quotation of scripture

9. Remembers covenant

10. Prophecy concern ministry

The purpose of this study is to recognise Spirit filled ministry and learn to participate in it!



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