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What Genesis means to me by Thomas Woods

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

The book of Genesis is the bedrock on which the rest of the Bible stands.

The book of Genesis is the bedrock on which the rest of the Bible stands.

It is the book of beginnings and tells of how we came to exist, and its silver thread winds its way all through the rest of the Bible.

Without Genesis we might as well cry with King David, “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?”.

For there we learn about the first Man when he defied GOD, sin and Death entered His creation.

We also learn in the New Testament that Jesus the second Man, came to redeem that self-same creation from the disobedience of the first Man and all its consequences.

Now it should not be hard to understand that if the narration of the first man is brought into disrepute that the necessity of the second Man is, to say the least, moot at best and even destroyed.

Years ago, when I was in my teens, I visited a youth club in a church hall. There at the time I visited, was a man who was a minister in a popular denomination. This man tried to engage me in discussion concerning Jesus.

I was quick to point out to him that the first book of his Bible was not true! His reply was to say that it was a place to start!

This, for me, was totally unsatisfactory. I was being asked to believe that Jesus had come to deal with my sin and offer eternal life. Yet the person who was telling me was not prepared to defend the passages in Genesis which gave the reasons for Jesus having to come and die in the first place.

This was where the conversation came to an end.

Years later, when in my thirty fifth year, I became a Christian. I felt God’s call on me over a period of months and gave my life to his leading on the twentieth of August, Nineteen Ninety-Two.

Once this was made known, as every Christian knows, came persecutions. This was expected but what was unexpected to me was another time I met another denominational minister with his wife.

Conversation began and in due time the subject of beginnings came up. To my surprise I found myself standing for the validity of the creation account in Genesis.

The minister was trying to marry evolution to the Genesis story.

I felt different emotions as he told me that he did not have his head in a bag. The obvious implication; as I believed the Genesis narrative,was that I did have my head in a bag.

I then asked him the question:

“If Genesis doesn’t mean what it says, how do you know what it does say?”

To which his wife replied ‘Oh, we haven’t discussed that’.

I am not trying to have a go at denominational ministers; these examples happened. Men of the cloth not standing for Genesis. So logically, if that is the position held, that person cannot stand for any of the principles laid down in Genesis and if you cannot stand for Genesis then you cannot stand for any other book in the Bible as the rest of the Bible stands on Genesis.

You cannot stand for God as He is first mentioned in the first sentence of Genesis.

You cannot stand for traditional marriage as God made woman for a help meet to Man which is found In Genesis.

You cannot stand for only two sexes as God made them Male and Female, which is found in Genesis.

Well, I could go on. Sufficient to say that the churches which have left the defence of the book of Genesis have compromised on major teachings therein and if you can compromise on one book then the rest are all now up for grabs.

Just look at the churches which stood so strong not so long ago. Churches which are now barely recognisable to what they once were.

And why?

Since the attack on Genesis from Darwin and his dupes, many churches have tried to mix Darwinism and God’s word into alloy; an alloy which has succeeded in weakening the churches.

Churches who forgot that our God is the God of...

Thus, Sayeth the LORD!

Genesis is the foundation of the Scriptures!

It is a fool who builds his house foundations on sand!

People who deny Genesis, perhaps unwittingly, charge God with foolishness!

Stand for the foundation!


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