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Whoever exalts himself will be humbled (Luke14:7-11) Part 1

and he who humbles himself shall be exalted

Pride comes before a fall. Satan fell because of pride because he wanted to be like the Highest. He forgot that he was a created being. Yes, pride does come before a fall, I can testify to that. A couple years ago, a colleague and I made a discovery about blood groups. He is a better scientist than me. Yet, at the scientific meeting, I sort pushed myself forward and when questions were asked at a national meeting, I completely fluffed it and ended up looking rather foolish. My wounded pride was made worse later that night when I found out that we had been favourites to win the national poster prize. Before the meeting I had asked God to bless the venture and he did so in his way, teaching me a valuable lesson. Because I exalted myself, I was humbled. Today we are going to investigate God’s word concerning the results of being humble and try to learn how we can become humbler ourselves.

Key scripture Luke 14:7-11

Definition-To be Humble: To think lowly of oneself.

To be meek

Not to be proud, arrogant, or assuming

To be modest

To Exalt oneself: To elevate oneself in rank/standing.

To lift oneself up (in pride)

To raise oneself on high

Whenever we find ourselves beginning to make comparisons between ourselves and others, we are already on thin ice. The tell-tale phrases such as “well, I am just as good as him/her” give away our own pride/ insecurity.

Better that we do not make comparisons, but if we must, then count yourself the lowest in rank/standing. That is very practical and is the safest position to be in. You know your own heart and life, but so does God, and when you humble yourself in this way, he will exalt you in due season.

If you ascribe the lowest level of honour/status to yourself, you can only go up!

But if we push ourselves forward and take a high standing then He who knows all hearts may demote us.

Do not develop a ‘top table’ mentality, which is a place of honour before men, but develop a servant’s heart like Jesus, be a foot washer.

Some people can allow themselves to be exalted with religious titles.

Pastor is an important role not a title.

The only Reverend in scripture is the Lord God!

Bishop is an important role not a title.

Where we allow the accent to be on titles, there is a danger we can lead our people to exalt us in this way.

Why should we be humble?

A. Matthew 11:28-30

Because our God is humble. Jesus Christ Son of God, Saviour, and Messiah is gentle and humble in heart, he came to serve, and totally submitted to the Father’s will. Be Christ-like, be humble, be gentle, and ask God to give you a servant heart.

B. We have already seen that Humility leads to honour but pride to humiliation. In fact, God loves his people so much that he undertakes to humble them. He humbled Israel in wilderness for 40 years to test their hearts.

C. For many other reasons including because Jesus tells us to be humble.

James 4:6-10; God gives grace to the humble.

Psalm 32:11 The humble will inherit the land and will delight in abundant prosperity.

Proverbs 11:2 When pride comes, then comes shame, but with the lowly is wisdom..


We should be humble because.

 Our God, Jesus Christ is humble, and Jesus tells us to be humble.

 There is safety in humility, which keeps us from shame.

 We can receive more grace.

 We can inherit all God’s promises.

 It is wise to be humble

 It leads to great rewards.



In Part 2 we will consider the biblical examples of humility and give some suggestions how to live a humble life.

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