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5 year old Muslim girl has vision of Jesus

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

A Journey From Islam To Christ – From Bondage To Freedom.

In vision Jesus ascends to heaven

I was born to a Muslim family in Indonesia. My parents have five children, and I am the second child. When I was 5 y/o, I saw a vision of Jesus when He ascended to heaven. Of course I didn't know who He was, not until my parents sent me to Catholic Primary School two years later. At school, they only taught about Catholicism, no other religion. As part of the teaching, we went to the Mass every Wednesday. The school had its own church building. Here, in the Catholic church, for the first time I heard about Jesus. I remembered very well that I really enjoyed being in the church. I was so exited to be there again next week. I became more and more curious and slowly but surely I recognized the Man of my vision. Jesus was my only teacher. No one taught me about Christianity; nobody invited me to a church. Until my 17th year, I learned everything in a deep secret while on the outside I was doing the Muslim duties such as praying five times a day, reciting Quran and fasting during the Ramadhan.

When I was 14 y/o, my parents got divorced. My mom moved out of the house, left Islam [she became a Muslima when she married my dad] and returned to her Christian faith. I lived with my dad. One day I visited my mom and told her about my vision, and she was shocked! She never heard me talking about it when I was five. I was shocked, too. Young children are not capable of keeping a secret. But in my case, God has kept my mouth shut. My mom was so happy; she took me every Sunday to her (Pentecostal) church. There I felt HOME for the first time. Home as knowing my Heavenly Father and having personal relationship with Him through His Son Jesus. During those three years, I learned so much about my new faith. I was no longer interested in Islam. I was so in love with Jesus that I decided to get baptised. I got baptised and born again when I was 17 y/o.

Few days after my baptism: I was home listening to Christian music, but very soft. I still lived with my dad in a Muslim neighborhood. So, I didn’t want anybody to find out about my new faith. I thought I was alone in the house, but suddenly my dad came home early from work. He caught me listening to Christian music. He confronted me, and I confessed everything. I told him about my vision when I was five. Just like my mom, he was shocked too. He never heard me talking about it. Truly, God has set a guard over my mouth! My dad didn’t believe my story; he blamed my mom for my conversion.

I hurt my dad deeply. And the fact that I was his favorite child, made it even worst. I betrayed his trust. I was ready to pay the price and accept all the consequences. My dad could kick me out of the house, he could take me out of school, he could even kill me. Instead, he shunned me for three years. We lived under the same roof, but he treated me like I was not exist. No words, totally silent! During those very painful years, I stopped doing the Muslim duties, but continue on walking with the Lord openly. My dad became soft by the years seeing how committed I was to Jesus. His love for me was unconditionally; I remained his favourite despite the hurts.

My dad passed away 14 years ago. Two days before he died, I ministered to him on his death bed. I asked him two questions: if he wanted me to pray for him, and if he would allow me to pray in Jesus’ name. He couldn’t talk. He only used his eyebrows and gave me the permission. So I prayed, but I felt a heavy spiritual battle around me. The darkness was real. During the prayer, I couldn’t speak out the name of Jesus, only in the name of God. I felt something like a muzzle over my mouth to prevent me from saying the name of Jesus. I tried so hard. But when I finally said the name of Jesus, I felt light immediately.

I asked God where my dad was. Few weeks later, the Lord gave me a dream. I saw my dad arose from his bed and walked towards me through the burning fire without being burned. I shared this dream with an Elder in my church. He assured me that it was God’s Grace that save my dad. And I truly believe that when I finally said “in the name of Jesus”, in that same moment my dad accepted Christ as his Saviour.

Faith in Christ brings peace, joy, comfort, solace and reflection. But Islam is not one of reflection, but of ritual without understanding. It is about punishment, pain and barriers, rather than enlightenment, openness and the nurturing of creative thought.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. [John 14:6]

Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our LORD Jesus Christ. [Romans 5:1]

May my testimony bring you closer to Jesus Christ, and help you get to know what God is like and what He can do.



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