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Daily Victory Part 3

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Victory in our daily lives Part 3. In this text we have a tremendous secret that will bring victory in our daily lives

Key text

Philippians 4:6-9

Consider the Apostle Paul, the scripture author, banged up in jail not for evil but for doing good. Paul is under constant threat of death, as well as under a tremendous burden of prayer for the newborn church. He had worked out how to have victory in his daily life. He is telling us here, how to do it and we must take this on board, it is potentially life changing!

What is your heart?

Your heart is your inner most being. Your heart is the part of your being closest to God. Your heart is the part of you that God greatly desires and is jealous for.

In human relationships we might say something like, she is seeing John, but her heart belongs to Jimmy. Our heart belongs to the Lord. We recognize that it is our inner most being (our hearts) that gives the direction in our lives.

Matthew 6:19-21

We follow our hearts for where our hearts are because there is our treasure.

What are you treasuring today? Who does your heart belong to? Who or what directs your life?

Proverbs 4:23

We need to make sure we do not put any poison in the well, as the very direction of our lives can also be poisoned and put off course.

God will never settle for second place in your heart! Your heart is a place reserved only for God. Anything else we let into that place is an idol.

In our key text we have seen that worry and cares can poison our hearts and minds but unfortunately there are also other things.

Remember the 3 wise monkeys

Hear no evil

See no evil

Speak no evil

Good advice

Ask any computer person about GIGO (garbage in garbage out). This works in our hearts and minds too, if we show no care for what we watch, read, listen to, where we go, what we do, who we keep company with then beware producing garbage!

If a Christian goes to on X(R) rated movie, he/she may well get some poison into his/her mind which can then drop down into their heart. Poison waters can then flow out!

We need to input LILO not GIGO

Paul tells us in our key text Verse 8-9, here is what we allow into our ear and eye gates to our mind then settles in the heart.

Whatever things will bring peace. Whatever is…

  • True – Jesus Christ is the way, truth and life and his word is true. Fill your heart and mind with his truth

  • Noble – The King, the Prince of peace, the Royal family i.e. the church

  • Just – His righteous and holy standards for Christian living

  • Pure – His purity and His desire for his bride to be pure

  • Lovely – The character of God

  • Good report – Testimonies in our lives and others

  • Praiseworthy – Look for the good in people and their deeds so we thank God for it.

God’s word-meditate, ruminate, chew the cud, and swallow, bring it back up and start over. These will strengthen and held guard your heart and mind, bringing peace irrespective of circumstances.

Peace is part of the whole armour of God, wearing it involves a lifestyle.

We need to bring every thought captive.

Lastly consider the example of Church leaders like Paul, not just what he taught but what he lived out, he did not just talk the talk, but he would walk the walk.


Your heart and mind are very precious to God. Our hearts and minds can be poisoned if we are not careful what we allow into our hearts and minds. God wants your heart and mind to be free of poison so that we can love him fully. Guard your heart and mind!


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