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God speaks through the Bible

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Guest Blogger ikhide Ehimiyein

The Bible is God speaking to us, revealing his heart, his thoughts, his plans, his will, his desires for all creation, his account of his relationship with men, a chronicle that continues to demonstrate his love, mercy and judgement.

His word exposes the past, guides us through the present and reveals the future, locked up within it is his creative power and authority bestowed upon all who believe and follow him.

The real question is can a book written centuries ago, still be relevant today and hold promise for tomorrow; to understand this, we need to take a glimpse at the nature of the word of God.

A) The word is living Hebrews 4:12, Gods words are not just letters they are alive carrying within them an ability (power) to produce, create and transform in “real time” human lives, situations, and circumstances.

B) God’s words are spirit and life John 6:63: the origins of God’s word is not earthly, of the flesh (carnal) therefore trying to understand it only from a humanistic or intellectual capacity is an effort in futility, though it may produce a few benefits in wisdom and instruction it will not produce fruit required of a disciple of Jesus.

C) The word has a personality in “JESUS” John 1:1,14 to truly engage with God’s word requires a relationship with Jesus, he is the Word, and he can take us beyond the letter of the word into the spirit of how and why it was written.

To study the word of God purely from an academic or intellectual perspective is very limiting. To truly experience and encounter God in the word, requires that we search for him and read with our hearts. Only then can we experience the heights and depths of God’s word.

The story in Revelation 5:1-5 sheds light on how to approach and access the word of God, Gods word to ordinary minds presents as a sealed book. When Jesus walked the earth, he taught in parables, people heard him and left without really understanding the true meaning of what he said. However his disciples ASKED Jesus afterwards what he had taught and then to explain his words.

See Mathew 13:10-23, Proverbs 25:2, and Jeremiah 29:13; an encounter with the word can be like being on the road to Emmaus Luke 24:13-32 In verse 32 the disciples exclaimed that their hearts burned within them.

The spirit of Jesus is still very present with us and wants to reveal to us God's plan and intentions for us, so we can live victoriously see John 16:12-15, and 1 Corinthians 2:4-16.

So, whenever we approach the bible, we should remember that it opens to those who read, not just with their minds but with their hearts. When we do that the word of God helps us to renew our minds (Romans 12:2) so we can truly understand the will of our God.


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