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How to get holy boldness

Lord fill me


In terms of sharing the Gospel, you and I have attained royalty (like Queen Esther) and God’s favour for such a time as this

Yes, many believe we are on the brink of a miracle, we are ready to reap and are co-workers with God in his harvest. We are poised for battle, ready to plunder hell and populate heaven. We are ready to lead many from darkness into the light. We are ready to snatch precious lives from the enemy’s hand and put them into the hand that no one can snatch them from.

Today, we are looking to our commander, the commander of the Lord’s host, Jesus Christ who is, the Mighty God, the King of kings, and the Lord of lords.

Lord Jesus we seek your face today knowing that it is you alone who can supply that which we need for the victory.

We know our mission is to bring in the harvest

We have our weapons and armour including the sword of the Spirit which is the word

of God

We know that God’s love conquers all

What more do we need?

Lord Jesus, we need you to fill us afresh with your Holy Spirit causing us to move in power and holy boldness. A boldness to step out in faith without fear and boldly proclaim the good news without compromise.

We need a Holy boldness to tell it like it is

We need a Holy boldness to reach out in love

We need a Holy boldness to replace our fear

We need a Holy boldness to fulfill God’s command of

“Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel”

How do we get this holy boldness? What effects does it produce? Can we receive it today? Let us turn to God’s word to find out.


Boldness: Daring, courage, bravery, valour. Ready to meet danger head on.

Holy Boldness: Courage and confidence to obey God’s commands with power to dare to step out for God. Will you dare today to step out for God?

God’s power gives us courage to step out into the unknown, or even dangerous circumstances but with God’s power and courage to witness.

Holy Boldness begins with baptism in the Holy Spirit

Acts 1:8; Jesus promises us power to witness

Acts 2:2-4; Baptism

Acts 2:14; Peter ignoring any danger stands up and preaches his message, full of the Holy Spirit and boldness.

Acts 2:22-24; The Holy Spirit gives power (and boldness) to tell it like it is without fear or favour.

Acts 2:36-38; Repent and be baptized, be bold and direct and to the point.

Acts 3:6-8; The lame man is healed, here is holy boldness in action producing miracles. Peter did it by the power of the God. We need to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit while you are witnessing. Amen?

Every one of us needs to be baptized with Holy Spirit for he is, and he gives the power to witness.

Boldness in Persecution

Acts 4:8-13

Holy boldness: Peter tells it like it is without fear or compromise.

Verse 13; You do not necessarily need an education or training, but you do need to spend time with Jesus in prayer. Spend time in the word and in fellowship in that sweet communion of the Holy Spirit.

Verse 18-20; The disciples were forbidden to boldly speak in Jesus name by the authorities. We must however obey God rather than man! What would you do in these circumstances?

Verse 21-31; v29 the disciples asked the Lord for courage not protection. Wonderful!

Ephesians 5:18; But be filled with the Holy Spirit. We need to keep on being filled with the Spirit!

You were once filled with the Spirit, but you leak?

How can we get this Holy Boldness?

Luke 11:11-13; We must ask in faith, believing and expecting to receive, the promise of the Father.

Let us do it!



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