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Testimony of Andrew Graham

Searching for Father's love

As a child, I had several difficulties: I was a sensitive child who was afraid of the dark, I wet the bed till I was 12, which caused me a great deal of shame and mental trauma, I was introvert, not wanting to have relationships and had no confidence to speak.

Another factor was that my dad worked long hours and wasn’t home much. He had been traumatised by the war and had difficulties in showing me love, he didn’t talk to me or cuddle me.

I hid my problems in a box and pretended that they didn’t exist, and focussed instead on schoolwork. These problems continued into adulthood. In later life, several relationships went sour, as I still hadn’t resolved my underlying problems.

How God healed me

Eventually I reached a point where I didn’t want to hide my problems anymore. I was getting desperate and realised that I needed help, so I started searching for answers and I reached out to God.

I’d read the Bible years before, and knew that I had made many mistakes during my life and that had separated me from God. I needed to accept Jesus as my Lord, since He had died to pay for my mistakes and bring me back into a relationship with God. Not only that, Jesus was raised to life after 3 days, and I knew that this gives me the assurance that I have an everlasting life.

As I reached out to God, He responded by giving me what I needed at every stage because He knows me intimately: I met the right person at the right time eg with my lack of confidence God brought me someone with enormous patience, kindness, encouragement and gentleness so that I could slowly begin to have the confidence to speak and to open up to others. God encouraged me to trust in him. In his perfect timing, He decided what to take out of the box as only God knows how much we can bear at any one time

I had several miracles during my healing: a DVD of a film I had failed to play the film. Placing the DVD in a computer to see what files were on it, I discovered that the 2 video files were removed, and replaced with a message which pointed to a book that I needed to read to deal with the issue of forgiveness, which was necessary for my healing from the bad relationships that I had.

There was a miracle of healing of tooth pain which I’d had for 2 days, and at church my pastor prophesied that God wanted to heal someone with a jaw pain. He prayed with me and within a short time the pain disappeared.

The last miracle I’ll mention was that God enabled me to resolve the issues I had with my deceased dad

My life now is very different.

I’m blessed with a lovely wife, 3 step-children, and a real sense of joy and peace, and an assurance of my eternal life with a God who has never left me, but has walked with me through every problem and healed me. That’s my God.


Andrew is a member of Edinburgh Elim Church, a house group leader, and takes part in various evangelism projects including the Turning and the John 3:7 outreach.

God can do for you what He did for Andrew- try praying and let us know how we can help you.

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